Hello everyone, NoctiS here with another big announcement for S4 League's competitive scene : Solidarity's Tournament in co-operation with S4:Source ,Pro7Sat1 Gaming and Kitoni.

We want to make the competitive scene for S4 League bigger, and what's the best way to do that? Having the first company sponsored tournament with real world prizes in S4 League history!
We are proud to announce the Steelseries Solidarity tournament!

Now let's get started: Registration, rules, and rewards.

How to register for the tournament

In order to register to the tournament you have to send an e-mail containing the following information to before Friday the 30th of May 23:59 GMT+2 :

<*'>Name of your Team
<*'>Name and level of your 4 main players
<*'>Name and level of your 2 substitute players(optional)
<*'>Your contact e-mail

A simple example of what your registration e-mail could look like:

Team name: Sample Team

Main players:

Player1 (Team Leader)
LVL : ##

LVL : ##

LVL : ##

LVL : ##

Reserve players:

LVL : ##

LVL : ##

Contact Email:



<*'>Ro32 : May 31st 19:00 GMT+2 & 19:45 GMT+2
<*'>Ro16 : May 31st 20:30 GMT+2
<*'>Quarter-Finals : June 1st 18:00 GMT+2
<*'>Semi-Finals : June 1st 20:00 GMT+2
<*'>Bronze match : June 7th 19:00 GMT+2
<*'>Finals : June 8th 19:00 GMT+2



<*'>Touchdown : 20 Minutes per map.
<*'>4 on 4.
<*'>Up to 16 Teams total.
<*'>Ro16 will be Best of 1, Semi- and Quarter-Finals will be Best of 3 and the Finals will be Best of 5.
<*'>Stat and weapon limits : •Stat limit:
+1% Attack Weapon
+7% Rifle/Guns/Heavy Guns Defense(Head)
+5% Attack (Jacket)
+5% Defense (Pants)
+4 HP Gloves/Shoes (+8 HP in total)
+6 SP Accessories/Face/Pet (+12 SP in total)

•Bans and limitations of weapons/skills:
Spark Rifle – Prohibited
Homing Rifle – Prohibited
Smash Rifle – Prohibited
Lighting Bomber – Prohibited
Dual Mastery - Prohibited
Vienna Bind - Prohibited
Surfboard Anchoring - Prohibited
Toy Block - Prohibited
Ice Block - Prohibited
Golden Metallic - Prohibited
Wings of Death - Prohibited
Installation Weapons – Limited to 1 per team (Sentry Gun or Senty Nell)
Healing weapons - Limited to 1 per team (Mind Energy or Rescue Gun)
Earth Bomber – Limited to 1 per team
Air Gun - Limited to 1 per team
Breaker - Limited to 1 per team
Iron Boots - Limited to 1 per team
<*'>Registration Deadline: Friday 30th of May



<*'>Ro32 : Station-2
<*'>Ro16 : Temple-M
<*'>Quarter-Finals : Ice Square, Highway and Hyperium
<*'>Semi-Finals : Station-3, Temple-M and Side-3
<*'>Bronze Match and Final: Neden-3, Tunnel, Station-3, Station-2 and Temple-M


1st Place: 4x SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue Gaming Headset
2nd Place: 4x SteelSeries Sensei Raw Gaming Mouse
3rd Place: 4x SteelSeries QCK Gaming Surface

The rewards will be delivered shortly after the tournament ends, we will take a picture of the rewards during the registration to motivate players. Upon posting that picture, the rewards become ready to ship while eagerly waiting for the victors!

Note: We might add more rewards, but it all depends on the response we get from P7S1. We might hook this up with GC rewards up top,if we can!

We want to broadcast as many of the matches as we can, so if you sign up you should be ready to have your match livestreamed.

Kitoni's Stream:
Gillys' Stream:
Channel S5 Stream:

Updates regarding the prizes and other possible changes to the tournament, check back to this thread regularly before the sign up deadline!

Thank you and good luck to all participants!

Your S4:Source Tournament Co-Ordination team in co-operation with Kitoni and Solidarity!
by -NoctiS
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Hello eSpers! Today a new skill was announced for S4 League that is guaranteed to bring the spy out of you. Apparently this skill will let you conceal yourself as a member of the opposite team for a certain amount of time, allowing you to blend in with the enemy until an opportunity presents itself for you to attack.

We're not exactly sure on the mechanics of Disguise yet, but we're really excited to see how it works out as the newest skill addition in S4 League. Remember, trust no one and get those 360 Spy Checks going because you can never be sure who's an enemy and who's an ally anymore.

by Treiki
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Today we're going to showcase a new update that has already hit the KrS4 servers. A possible crafting system has been implemented to S4 League which you can use to craft a variety of items, from Forcepacks of current weapons, to pets and even unique Weapons and Skins only available through the crafting system. I'm talking of course about the Gauss Mk.2 and a previously unreleased skin of Plasma Sword.

As of now, we aren't really sure how exactly the system will work so one can only speculate, but this video by our reporter Fire will help shed some light to some of our questions:

by -HvM.Fire
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Hello S4 Players, are you ready for some serious S4 action?

Then you shouldn't miss the Final match of the S4:Source Grand Finals, where the two amazing teams Hive Mind and Winningroad are going to duke out who will be crowned the champion of the 2013 Seasons of the S4:Source Annual Tournament and take home the bigger part of the 200€ Prize pool in a best of 5 series!

The match will be livestreamed and commentated by Macmaxi on Saturday the 22nd of March 20:00 Alaplaya time, don't miss out this chance to see this great match on
by -NoctiS
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