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We have chosen upon two forum skins, which we want you guys to vote and finalize the design for this forum!


Please vote which one you like better and we will implement it soon!


Poll will be closed Friday August 8th.




Option 1: Infinite Dark 



Option 2: Carbon



Option 3: Uptop


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news S4:Source Exodus



Hello fellow S4 Leaguers and welcome to EXODUS!


Clans, friends and partners all around the Netsphere gather and get ready to prove that you are the absolute best amongst all the other teams because we proudly present you the follow-up tournament, S4 Source: Exodus.


So without any further ado, let’s get this going!


Get your five best mates and sign-up with a team of 5 players for 4vs4 Touchdown! The teams will be fighting each other in a Single Elimination Challonge Bracket. Your goal is simple: Win and advance!




- FP stats or lower


- AP stats or lower


- Pen stats


In addition, every participant will receive a participation prize based on rounds played:

1st round 20,000 PEN

2nd round 40,000 PEN

3rd round 60,000 PEN

Quarter-Finals 80,000 PEN

Semi-Finals 100,000 PEN

*Participants only receive the highest prize available to them.






General Rules


• Respect your opponents and the tournament staff (Poor behaviour and disrespect can be reported and will be punished by disqualification and, where reasonable, a timed ban of your account)

• Follow the instructions of the tournament staff in order to allow them to manage the rooms in a smooth and timely manner.

• Obstructing the tournament staff or the general progress of the tournament in any way shape or form may have consequences for the offending players account.

• Wait patiently for your room to be opened and if there is a delay please contact a member of the staff directly, if we can’t contact anyone from your team when the games start, you will be disqualified.

• Teams have 10 minutes to show up for their matches, and all 4 players must be in the room to start a match.

• Should a player disconnect from the game within the first 30 seconds of a map, the map has to be restarted.

• Sitting out for a disconnected player is not mandatory.

• Some lag is to be expected in an international online gaming environment, however in extreme cases judges may force a player with latency problems to sit or be replaced or nullify touchdowns caused by lag issues.


Character Rules


• Character information must be open at all times

• PEN Shop stat-limit


+7% Rifle/Guns/Heavy Guns Defense (Head)

+6% Attack (Jacket&Weapons)

+5% Defense (Pants)

+8 HP (Gloves&Shoes)

+12 SP (Accessories&Face&Pet)


Any combination of Items or lack thereof that does not exceed these limits may be used.


• Rocket Launcher, Homing Rifle and Spark Rifle may not be used

• Unique Skills may not be used

• Only Enchants and eSper Chips that do not influence gameplay and which do not increase your stats beyond the stat limit described above are allowed(E.g. Pen+,Exp+)




• Single Elimination Bracket

• Touchdown, 4vs4, All maps

• Qualification rounds are Best of 1, Quarter- and Semi-Finals are Best of 3, Bronze Match and Grand Finals are Best of 5

• Maps are randomly generated until the Quarter-Finals

• Quarter-Final and on-wards the maps will be decided through Map-Elimination






The S4 Source: Exodus Tournament will start on Saturday, 8h of August at 16:00 (4:00PM) GMT+2 / CEST.


You can find a detailed match schedule for the tournament below:




Signing up is possible until Wednesday, 5th of August 23:59 (11:59PM) GMT+2 / CEST.

You can compare your timezone here to figure out what time that is for you!




To register for the tournament you have to gather a team of 4-5 players and the team leader has to apply using our sign-up form containing the following information:

• Team name

• In-game names of all 4-5 players*

• In-game levels of all 4-5 players** (All accounts have to be Level 40 or higher)

• Contact information (E-mail)


*: At least one player on the team has to speak English.

**: Only the Accounts with the respective names stated in the sign-up sheet may play for   that  team, using a namechange during a tournament may result in that player not being able to play.

Any application that comes in late or lacks the required information will not be considered.


So what are you still waiting for? Click the sign-up button below and fill out the form. Make sure you include a valid E-mail address as it will be used as primary means of communication with the teams. You will receive confirmation if your team made it into the bracket 24-48 hours before the tournament.





Dont miss out on top level play and tune in for streams on our Twitch channels:




We will be giving out stream-codes for viewers so make sure to tune in and spread the word!


Looking forward to another great tournament, now get out there and show us your S4!

Your S4 Source Tournament Coordination

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Hey guys, we just successfuly completed a forum software upgrade to our website. You can expect a lot of new features and bug fixes to happen in the next few days but we could always use your help figuring out what's working and what's not so if you find a bug please post it below, or report it to us through other means of communication such as skype or forum PMs.

One more thing to keep in mind is that we're staying with the default forum skin for a couple of weeks as we decide on a new forum skin. So for now, everything you see can be considered a work in progress as we've just finished installing the new software upgrade.


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Hello everyone, Trace here bringing you more information regarding the current forum changes that have happened and also give you a few things to look forward to in the future.

For starters, we're taking another look at the way the forums are structured in order to make them easier to navigate. Our primary goal is to make the forums feel more compact and easy to use, so we are starting by removing or merging inactive sub-forums for now. Keep in mind you mind notice more minor forum changes in the next few days, but rest assured all posts and threads have been archived and nothing is lost so your post counts and threads are safe. Once again, if there's a thread you'd like to be restored you can contact me through forum PM.
If you'd like to see a list of all the removed sub-forums you can view them below:

<*'>Wonderland's Library | Archives and Visual Strategy Media
<*'>Academy Homeroom | Secret Club Forums
<*'>Teacher's Lounge
<*'>The Source Tower | Recruitment and Roster (Includes Sword Only variant)
<*'>The Matchmaker (Includes Sword Only variant)
<*'>eSper Station | Fanart and Story Writing Section
<*'>channelS5 News Section (Merged with S4 Source Frontpage News)
<*'>League of Legends
<*'>The entire S4Project Category has also been removed.

So with that out of the way, I'm also going to give a few spoilers on what's to come. You can expect a forum software upgrade in the very near future, which will help fix certain issues or allow us to add more functionality. I'm afraid I can't give you any more precise information but it's something that's been in the works for a while now. Moreover, you can expect more minor forum issues to be dealt with -- such as the ranking system stopping after a certain point, etc.

Finally, this is where you come in. We'd like to hear your thoughts on these forum changes, how would you like to see our forum shape up in the future? Furthermore, you're more than welcome to give us a few suggestions or ideas we can work with. Make your voice be heard and help us improve your favorite S4 League fan-site!

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